The Cove Retirement Village

The single fan system will ventilate both the Sub-Floor and Library ventilation in one. Air volume exchange rates equate to over 6.6 per hour (ACPH). A minimum of 5 is required for all Sub-Floor areas and 1 per hour for Living areas.

As there is currently no passive ventilation in the Sub-Floor, this needs to be introduced. Access to fresh air will be achieved by creating a hole in the outer wall located at the steps leading to the first level apartments. A half chevron weather proof grille will be installed. This grilles size is 3 bricks high and 1 brick wide. 1 or 2 holes (which I will leave to the installers discretion) will be created in the wall that leads to the Sub-Floor area behind the Library. There will be no affect to the structural integrity of these 2 walls. The fan motor will be located in the storage area underneath the walkway as per Installation Design. A dedicated single power point is to be installed by Brehar Building. A 2 x 2 brick knock-out will be required to run the ducting into the Sub-Floor area. There will be 2 dedicated fresh air intakes installed to ventilate the Sub-Floor and another 2 wall grilles installed to ventilate the library. The size of the wall grilles are 2 bricks high by 1 brick wide and colour coded in white. The system will operate automatically via a digital timer that will be set to turn ON at 8am and OFF at 8pm.

Additional benefits from the system include all year around reduction in humidity and remove the possibility of condensation taking place throughout the colder months, therefore maintaining a dryer healthier environment. The Library books will also suffer less from moisture damage by employing this system.

The fans we use are German components. They are state of the art. No maintenance is ever required. Noise level is a very low 36dBA (@ 3m). The quietest available. Power consumption is equivalent to 2 x 55 watt halogen down lights i.e. 110watts.

Please note that this installation will require 2 staff, headed up by one of my installation managers. Also the Installation Design may change slightly, in order to make any improvements.