blowersVentilation Fans and equipment are produced by various manufacturers from all over the world. Each with their own characteristics such as Dimensions, Noise Levels, Power Consumption, Air Volume Movement etcetera etcetera. This is why it is so important to assess and analyse each ventilation project on its own merits. It simply cannot be assessed by looking at your house on Google Earth, asking a couple of questions and providing advice and a quote over the phone. It is of utmost importance to view the surroundings, conditions, structure, take accurate volume measurements amongst other things before determining which equipment will achieve the best results.

Positive or Negative Pressure

There are only two types of ventilation. Positive and Negative. Positive means to PUSH air into the offending area and Negative PULLs or Extracts air. Careful evaluation is required before doing either. Such as, where is the old air being pushed out going too? Or where is the new air coming from that will replace the old air being extracted? Sounds complicated right? It often is, which is why it is so important to take the time to assess each and every ventilation project individually.

Passive Ventilation

Take a stroll around your home. You will more than most likely see quite a few vents or holes in the walls either towards the top or bottom or both. These are called Passive Vents. We have been building them into our structures for centuries. Doing so is an attempt at some sort of ventilation, either to the sub-floor of the property, the walls cavities and even attempting to ventilate inside the dwelling (which by the way, used to be a mandatory requirement back in the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s). These holes, grilles or vents are expected to allow enough fresh are to flow from outside through the area and then make its way out via the others. Comical really! Without mechanical assistance this is not going to provide anywhere near an adequate air exchange to ward off moisture, mould and nasty little pests like Termites.

Grilles Diffusers Ducting & Accessories

There’s a reason why there are so many of these to choose from. Determining which are the best to use can only be accomplished through thorough assessment and evaluation. Some grilles, if incorrectly chosen, will create noise levels higher than that of the mechanics behind them. Ducting may need to be insulated and acoustically designed or chosen for its ability to carry temperature and air flow rates.

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