Poorly ventilated homes often suffer from condensation throughout Winter providing the perfect environment for mould to grow. It is a fact that mould will grow on damp surfaces in a very short 24 to 48 hours. Once it starts to grow it is very hard to stop without adequate air movement / ventilation.
Ventilation Stops Condensation
The wood structure that your home is built from is often subjected to damp stagnant environments like sub-floor areas and cavities. It soaks up the moisture like a sponge which causes mould growth and rot creating the perfect haven for Termites to live and consume.
Ventilation puts a Stop to Mould & Termite Invasion
Mould loves Leather. The darker the colour the better and it doesn’t take long to render your expensive items in your wardrobes unusable. Wardrobes are generally very poorly ventilated and offer the perfect environment for mould to grow and thrive.                     
Don’t Throw it Away. Ventilate and it will be Good for Another Day
Articles, Studies, Facts and Test Results available to read on sites like CSIRO, NSW Health and Government Departments all over the world enlightens us on some very disturbing information about our homes general air quality. One such statistic suggests that the air in our homes can contain up to 10 times the pollution levels of that found outside. A quick read about Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that we readily introduce to our living environment is enough to warrant the consideration of adequate ventilation.
It’s a Fact, Ventilation Helps in Getting Your Health Back
I have heard the following from way too many clients way too many times.
“ Since we moved into this house we all regularly suffer from colds, coughing, sneezing, headaches or some other ailment. But when we spend time away from this house we all seem to be fine and feel generally a whole lot better”.
There is of course a reason or reasons that this is happening. Let us come and assess and advise why this is the case and why you possibly tell a similar story.                                   
Check Your Home for Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)
Have you ever calculated how much money and time you spend on maintenance to your home caused by dampness and mould? It can be frightening when you actually sit down and take some time to do the math. Cleaning products alone cost a small fortune not to mention that there always seems to be somewhere that needs a sanding and a new coat of paint.
Stop the Damp Attack and Take Your Weekends Back
Back in the good old days the timber that was used for our floors had been weathered for years before installing. There was never a question of “will it cope with the moisture levels they are about to endure?” These days the timber that we spend a fortune on can cause considerable angst and anxiety after being laid. Generally the timber used is Kiln or snap dried and have moisture levels of around 12%. When introduced to areas with much higher moisture levels it becomes a recipe for disaster. Consider this. If each board expands a small point of a millimeter, added together it totals a lot of room required to move.
Ventilation will Reduce the Woods Expansion

If anything in what you have just read makes any sense or is ringing any bells, give Central Coast Ventilation a call. We will come and assess and provide a free no obligation quotation on how we can help by introducing adequate ventilation to your home.
Through the Use of Our Air Transfer & Positive Pressure Ventilation systems.
air circulation

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Bathroom ExhaustFew if any homes that I visit have adequate bathroom exhaust systems. Removing steam adequately requires some serious extraction.

If you’re tired of not being able to see yourself in the mirror after taking a shower or bath and you want it fixed.

The moisture left behind from all that steam takes ages to dry and causes extensive mould growth which takes time and money to combat on a regular basis.

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Question? Do you run your air conditioner at night after a long hot summer’s day in order to get some sleep? Probably not. Not many people do.

It’s way too expensive and the air is simply too dry to sleep comfortably.

How many times have you thought to yourself?.....wouldn’t it be nice to sleep outside in the fresh cooler night air?

If it wasn’t for the mosquitoes and other problems that might present you probably would right?

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thermometerThere’s an area of your home that must also be considered as part of your living environment. Look up, it’s right there, above your head, a piece of Plaster or Gyprock away. Our Staff often measure over 70 degrees C in roof attics. Even on a mild summers day, it’s always hotter there, than in your home.

Temperatures can be reduced, stopping it from permeating into your home with one of our Ventilation Systems?

Metal, Colourbond and Sarked Constructed roofing often condensates therefore reducing the structures life expectancy and promote mould growth. 

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