Home experiencing mould growth in Sub-Floor & Lower Level Living areas.

This project requires a dual fan system. One dedicated to ventilating the lower level living areas and the second dedicated to ventilating the Sub-Floor area. The Sub-Floor area lies beneath the entire upper level and is behind the brick walls of the entire lower level.

Sub-Floor: Air volume exchange rate equates to over 7.8 air changes per hour (ACPH). A minimum of 5 is required for all Sub-Floor areas.

Living area: Air volume exchange rate equates to over 7.4 ACPH. A minimum of 1 is required for all living areas.

Sub-Floor: Existing passive vents allow adequate access to fresh air. Therefore, installation of additional passive vents is not required. Exhaust point located as per design. A single double brick penetration is required. System will operate automatically via digital timer located at the SF entry. Set to 8am ON & 8pm OFF. Please contact CCV before making any adjustments.

Living Area: Air Transfer from the upper level to the lower level is via a floor grill intake to be located as close to the wood combustion heater as possible, as discussed. This will not only introduce the dryer less musty air, it will also provide some heating in the colder months to the lower level. Outlets in the lower level will be via 3 wall grills as per design. Three double brick penetrations are required. System will operate 24/7 with the ability to manually turn ON or OFF via wall switch as per design.

There will be no affect to the structural integrity of the building. Size of all brick penetrations is 2 bricks high and 1 brick wide. The fan motors and all ducting will be located in the Sub-Floor area as per design. Grill colours as discussed.


Air Transfer: Reduce the natural damp conditions being experienced in the lower level living areas of the home. Benefits from the system include all year around reduction in humidity and remove the possibility of condensation taking place throughout the colder months, maintaining a dryer healthier environment. Walls, carpets, furniture etc, will suffer less from moisture damage and mould growth currently being experienced. Levelling of the homes temperature will definitely be noticeable.

Sub-Floor: Introduce fresh air flow to the entire Sub-Floor area, removing the damp, musty, stale air, slow mould growth and protect the wood structure from moisture damage and insect infestation.

CCV uses fans with German components. They are state of the art. No maintenance is ever required. Noise level is a very low 36dBA (@ 3m) (the quietest available). Power consumption is equivalent to 2 x 55 watt halogen down lights i.e. 110watts. All our fans come with a 5 year guarantee.

Please note that this installation will require 3 staff, headed up by one of our installation managers, electrician and support. The Installation Design may change slightly, in order to make any improvements.