Who we are...
The Proprietor of Central Coast Ventilation (CCV), Colin Bell has an Engineering background and takes a great deal of pride from his and his staffs work. “We are old school believers that if the job can’t be done correctly, it won’t be done at all.....at least not by US!”

Colin was introduced to the benefits of ventilation over 8 years ago when he was looking for answers to how to help his son sleep better at night. His constant coughing was taking it’s toll on the whole family.

After installing mechanical ventilation, the difference it made to his families health was immediately evident. This is why he is so passionate about introducing as many people as possible to the benefits of ventilation.  

He and his staff work with every client to determine how to adequately ventilate any area, through mathematics, and the understanding that the correct air exchange rate must be determined in order to get the very best results.

CCV provides a Professional Reliable service second to none.